Out of Our Heads


“This film demonstrates the power and significance of the workshops conducted by the Men’s Wisdom Council. The film will inspire and motivate mental health professionals and others interested in supporting men’s psychological healing through gender-specific approaches such as this one.” -Cathy Nugent

“I believe Leo and Allen have created something of true beauty and truth that can be a powerful tool for reaching men and helping them find their way to the work we do.” – Kit Mendelson

“This is something beautiful, touching, and powerful”- Sparrow Hart

“I cried, I laughed. My heart melted … It’s really brave to share those stories and faces and emotions with the world.”- Janapriya Levine

“I have seen the men’s work film and I find it deeply and profoundly connective and moving. For anyone who believes men don’t have feelings, real men have real feelings.” -Carol Corcoran, LCMFT, Cert. EFT Therapist

“This is one of the most important efforts to depict men as caring creatures who support each other.” -Tim Baehr  

“You have successfully captured on film the unique magic of the experience.” -Jim Hulfish, Psychotherapist

“One of the men [who watched the film] had an emotional breakthrough regarding his brother’s death that was triggered by the scenes showing the gentleman looking at his father and brother’s drowning from their perspective.  It was very helpful for this man and he thanked me for bringing the film.” -Chris- Mainely Men Attendee

“What an amazing film! I was crying. Why is it I recognized myself in it? In all of you men in the film I now know I saw myself. It helps continue the week I spent with you all as I continue with my own struggle.” – Rod Wilson