Why You Should Watch “Out of Our Heads”


So, you might be asking yourself, “Why should I take the time to watch this film Out of Our Heads?” Well …

Emotions are important. Emotions are a driving force that often guides human behavior. But, it seems that the vast majority of people have not developed the capacity to understand, connect with, and express their emotions. In turn, a lack of emotional understanding has caused a lot of stress in many people.  That is precisely why everyone should take the time to watch “Out of Our Heads: A Male Journey Into the Heart” because, to repeat for emphasis, emotions are important.

A huge stereotype that affects large numbers of men in the United States is the idea that men must be tough and therefore are not allowed to show any emotions. This gender norm can often be enforced by both men and women in personal relationships. It has become a central idea in how many people consider their masculinity as a part of their identity. This idea is quite frankly false. Every person on the planet has emotions and it is very necessary for people to be able to understand and express them.

Out of Our Heads: A Male Journey Into the Heart depicts men who are learning how to connect with their feelings and practice openly expressing their emotions with other men. Moreover, they learn how to love other men, which many men are afraid to do. They practice men’s work, which is deep emotional work that brings to the surface the power of personal introspection. Men’s work promotes self-discovery, creativity, male friendship, and male community. By becoming more comfortable with their emotions, they are able to make real improvements in their lives and move past challenges they are facing.

This film is definitely something that you want to check out!


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